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Straw St. Brigid’s Cross

Gifts for the Irish Home - Straw St. Brigid’s Cross

Straw St. Brigid’s Cross

Irish Gifts - Genuine Straw St. Brigid’s Cross,
from Ireland.  Approx. 9.5” Wide. 
No Two Are Identical


Hand Made in Ireland, the St. Brigid's Cross History Card is Included.

St. Brigid was born during the mid-fifth century. She was the daughter of Dubhtach, a Leinster pagan chieftain, and a slave woman. It is believed that she was converted to Catholicism by St. Patrick, and after his death founded a monastery in Kildare. St. Brigid’s day, February 1, corresponds with Imbolc, the Celtic feast of renewal and purification. Brigid is remembered for her great charity and kindness. She is second only to St. Patrick, among Ireland’s heritage of Saints.
The most enduring image of St. Brigid, apart from the thousands of women bearing her name, is the St. Brigid’s Cross. In her endeavor to explain the Passion of Christ to a dying pagan, her father by some accounts, she wove a cross from the rushes strewn on the floor. In those early Christian times the farmers adopted the custom of making these same crosses at the beginning of spring to protect their holding, placing them in prominent positions in their houses and buildings. The tradition of making the crosses on February 1st, St. Brigid's Day, continues to the present day. The St. Brigid’s Cross is believed to protect homes from want and evil.